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Onda Handpan

Welcome to the Fascinating World of Handpan with OndaHandpan

If you're wondering what a handpan is, you're in the right place. The handpan is a magical, hand-played drum with ethereal and engaging sounds. At OndaHandpan in Italy, we delve into the art of handpan creation and tuning to offer you a unique musical experience.

What is a Handpan?

The handpan is an innovative musical instrument born from the fusion of ancient musical traditions and modern creativity. Its disc-like shape and harmonically arranged notes allow for the creation of enveloping and evocative melodies. Originally inspired by the hang drum, the handpan has become an icon of contemporary ethnic music.

Onda Handpan

Artisanal Experience with OndaHandpan

At OndaHandpan, we don't just create handpans; we shape musical masterpieces. Our skilled craftsmen dedicate care and craftsmanship to each creation, ensuring unique and tailor-made handpans. Each instrument tells a story through notes and tones, bringing Italian authenticity to the heart of your sound.

Custom Creation and Tuning

Our passion goes beyond creation to include custom tuning. Each handpan is meticulously tuned to ensure a rich and engaging sound. We invite you to explore the endless customization possibilities to create an instrument that reflects your individuality and musical style.

Step into Our Musical World

Discover the charm of the handpan with OndaHandpan. Step into our musical world, explore one-of-a-kind creations, and be captivated by the magic of a sound that goes beyond words. Customize your handpan today and start your musical journey with us.